Cosmic Grunn

by Dutch Space Mission

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Morphic intro which stagnates in a space broth, The Sky Is Crying is very representative of Dutch Space Mission works. A slow opening which is twisting idly on cosmic sounds effect. A black and cold cosmos pierced by a noisy spaceship, but paralyzed by a speed that eyes cannot catch. The obscure undulating layers create an oblong cosmic ballet, girdled of fine sequences arpeggios which flit around with a progressive hammering cadence. Heavy sequential lines, à la Redshift, carve this static linear movement, which winds with strength this cosmos which rage more than cry.

The music of the Dutch duo Dutch Space Mission embraces the long gliding movements of the beginning of the 70’s. EM with heavy and slow development always ends up on hopping, undulating and magnetizing sequential movements. A mixture of Tangerine Dream on Zeit years and Keller Schonwalder on a more contemporary time.

Cosmic Grunn, the title track, opens with this same driving wind chime on dark and metal waves. A black and atonal intro which is lulling from its reverberating waves, waiting for Von Haulshoven sequences to animate the movement with agility and charm, behind an analog cosmos of the 70’s. Remark here the guitar play which clears languorously under minimalisms sequences and heavy wrapping layers. A superb piece of EM, style retro Berlin School, which gathers all ingredients of the great names of the time, such TD, Schulze and Ashra.

The Dream Experiment is a long title with various sonorous passages. Sometimes noisy and atonal, the piece develops heavy circular reverberations which oscillate in hostile nothingness, pushing the hearing at its maximum tolerance. In other moments the movement is magic, even peaceful, with a melodious synth and of fine hopping sequences. A musical Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde which can please of his variegated and undisciplined structure, but which can also have its aggressive sides with its heavy circular reverberations and a metallic synth colder than Siberia. This caustic synth opens Floating Stones. A marvellous title which smells Steve Roach tribal structures, with a cosmic and a more electronic approach. Tablas’s percussions are superbly suggestive and marry with wonder a chameleon synth, to mellotron breaths, on a invading musical background.

Dutch Space Mission is a particular group. Do not like this Dutch duet which wants. Von Haulshoven and Phrozenlight explore very progressive musical structures, even if the roots of Berlin School are omnipresent, with an aggressive approach, even if the structures can be morphic, in a surprisingly rich sound flood. Me I liked, but I heard it more than once….

Sylvain Lupari from Guts Of Darkness

The French Magazine of Dark & Experimental Music


released January 30, 2009

Von Haulshoven and Phrozenlight



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Dutch Space Mission Bavaria, Germany

Dutch Space Mission are Phrozenlight and Von Haulshoven

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